Age: 31

Ethnicity: I have European and English heritage, born and raised in Australia

Body: 164cm/ 5'4, size 10, with natural DD cup breasts, green eyes and long blonde hair.

Education: Graduate Degree 

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Hello there!


And thank you for stopping by.


However you found me I’m pleased to introduce you to my little space on the internet. Immerse yourself and satisfy your curiosity, answer your enquiry and stir up your desire for debauchery. Too infrequently do gentlemen like yourself get enjoyable down time. An indulgent space in your often busy schedule where you can escape the complexities of life and be the most honest, best or bad-ass versions of yourself.


The opportunity to do so begins here.


The first thing you should know about me is that I love what I do. Any preconceived notions some may have of why I pursue my pleasure in this exciting demi monde can be dispelled here. I assure you that the adventure began in an entirely organic manner and not by way of some ulterior force or fickle motive. With me, you’ll find someone who has a genuine appetite for sex and a desire to please.


From appearance alone, it would seem butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth. Sydney born and bred, I’m the product of a private-school education and a positive upbringing across which I enjoyed ballet, reading and piano. I’m blessed with an innate sense of style which is best described as elegant and extends from my dress to my CBD apartment where I entertain. I’m thrilled, that at 31 years of age my choice of vocation as an Australian escort has granted me the opportunity to travel extensively; delving enthusiastically into the history and culture of places I visit, dine frequently, and engage on a wide range of topics without hesitation. 


Intelligent, flirty banter is in my view, the best prelude to any mind-blowing sexual experience. At an entry-level it relaxes the nerves and at a higher level, triggers the release of those wonderful neurochemicals, namely dopamine and norepinephrine that turn the pursuits and struggles of life into pleasure and I’m a brilliant facilitator.


​Described as a delightful young lady: I’m both fit (I enjoy hiking, running, and yoga) and curvy meaning that I have breasts and a bottom! With a perfectly balanced 5”4, size 10 figure, I have beautiful eyes, long thick wavy hair, an attractive face, and a perfect white smile. I wear a modest amount of makeup and my body is immaculately manicured, tattoo and piercing free. A lingerie aficionado with a perpetually positive outlook on life, my appeal extends to my charm, and in my professional as well as personal capacity, I’ve never had a problem in garnering the attention of intelligent, well-mannered men. 


I’ve often said I view sex as a fun pursuit. It truly is! With each of us, we can choose our own adventure and your time with me will never be pantomimed. I genuinely want to hear your thoughts prior to our date so I can deliver you the experience of a lifetime. Looking for someone to stimulate your big head as well as your little one, you’ve come to the right place. 


I look forward to our day of debauchery. 








The Virtual Experience​

Seeking a fun female friend you can unwind with? I delight in meeting new people, and am a natural conversationalist. Warm, intelligent and I love to laugh. I can be your flirtatious friend, clandestine confidante or for those re-entering the dating world after a period of absence, offer you my unbiased guidance or tuition. Looking to turn up the heat? I offer a multitude of role plays and naughty stories (with accompanying imagery!) all of which can be enjoyed in this package via phone call or text. 


45 minutes $150/1 hour $200

The All Inclusive Experience

Envisage a softly lit space. My body enwrapped in a silk dress, lace lingerie and black Louboutin heels. I greet you with a lingering kiss and a smile and coquettishly welcome you into my home. From here, our time develops based on intuition and mutual understanding. Whether we chat briefly, laugh deeply or swiftly leave our inhibitions behind as we make our way to my bedroom is up to you. I truly want your time to be as fantastic as possible so as to have you leave feeling lighter, brighter and thoroughly sexually satisfied.

Perhaps you’re looking to step outside the parameters of your sexual repertoire. Sate your appetite with something you’ve fantasied about frequently but never dared to explore. Without prejudice or judgement in an environment that is completely safe and discrete, I offer a number of sins at my discretion so by all means let’s turn up the heat. For whichever debaucherous desire you had in mind please feel free to enquire within. Time is the only commodity we can’t accrue more of so why not live by “What now?” rather than “What if”.


1 hour $600 / 90 mins $800/ 2 hours $1000


2 Hour Lunch Date $900

3 Hour Lunch or Dinner Date $1200

4 Hour Dinner Date $1400

Overnight (14 hours, minimum of 7 hours sleep) $3000

Service Inclusions



Ménage à Trois

Move over old-fashioned romance. A little kink goes a long way! There's little that impresses me more than a couple who have enough trust in one and other that they feel completely at ease with exploring themselves sexually in my company. In short - I love seeing couples and am naturally bi-sexual. To ensure the best possible experience we'll discuss your preferences in advance of our date for an experience that is seductive, sensuous and utterly luxurious.


90 mins $1200 / 2 hours $1500


Deposit Policy​​



This is my first time contacting a provider. I'm a little aprehensive! Could you tell me more about what to expect?

I wish I could offer you a play-by-play. A carefully scripted sequence of what might happen across our time, however, the dynamic between two people is unique and because of this, our time could never be scripted. You have me as an excellent facilitator. Someone with your best interests at heart is always a good start! You will find I'm very easy going - I love to laugh. I will always be open to hearing any requests you might have, without prejudice. 15 minutes into our date and the only regret you might have is that you didn't contact me sooner.

Do you have any nationality, race, age or appearance restrictions I need to be aware of?

I celebrate all the differences that we have as human beings and, within reason, I have no restrictions. Please feel free to email me, and we can talk about any concerns you might have. If you are open with me, I will most certainly return the favour.

I would love to see your face before we're due to meet. Will you send me a photo once I have confirmed my booking?

My privacy, like yours, is of paramount importance. I lead a professional and personal life beyond our interaction and this I hope to maintain. Please feel free to peruse the reviews section of my profile on Scarlet Blue, or refer to my Instagram where you will get a good sense of my appearance. The pictures on my social media are so accurate that I will happilly recreate a specific look that has tickled your fantasy!

I am not very confident in the bedroom. Could you take the lead and guide our time together?

We are all at different places on our individual sexual journeys, and I will gladly mould a date that will account for your experience level. I can guarantee that you will leave our time walking a little taller.

I am particular about my identity. How can I be sure that discretion will be maintained and how will you handle my data?

I use an encrypted email address, and I suggest that you do the same. Using Protonmail (be sure to select the ch. option when you sign up) ensures end to end encryption so that any naughty details we might discuss will remain between us. When it comes to our date, I will require a small deposit. I have several discreet payment methods unlinked to my Sydney profile for this purpose. Lastly, where circumstances require it, I am happy to consider signing a non-disclosure agreement. As you can see, discretion and data integrity are the hallmarks of my craft.

Establishing a connection is really important to me. Could you tell me a little more about your ideal day?

I like to rise with the sun - a run along the sand followed by a swim in the sea. With music playing, I might prepare my own breakfast as I read the weekend papers or listen to a Podcast (Tim Ferriss is a firm favourite), and enjoy a little yoga or meditation to start my day. Lunch would be spent catching up with friends. I'm as equally thrilled with a backyard BBQ as I am beach bar hopping or market shopping. Sometimes we might visit a gallery or enjoy watching live music play. Evenings are for quiet introspection or if the mood is right, cocktails at a smart bar and dancing until the wee hours.

What do I need to wear when I see you and is there anything I can do in advance so as to be suitably prepared for our date?

I will always be immaculately groomed and dressed when we meet, so will ask that you kindly wear attire that not only makes you feel good, but is also appropriate for meeting someone who is making the effort to create a wonderful experience for you. While I appreciate my clients might not always have the opportunity to brush their teeth before our date, if you haven't bought your own mints, please feel free to use those that I will have provided for you.

There are so many providers to chose from, and all seem to offer the same. Why should I choose you?

Ultimately, this is a deeply personal choice, and you should select the companion with whom will be able to satisfy your needs. That said, I pride myself on my ability to provide a range of experiences, including a uniquely bespoke option availabile to select clients only. As part of this, I offer regular clientete the opportunity to customise and personalise our time to fulfil their every need and desire. If you are a regular client of mine, please feel free to enquire within.

Could you tell me a little more about what you might do to prepare for our date?

Preparation for our date begins with my incall. I have a weekly cleaner to ensure it's spotless for one, and I often laugh that my Laundromat must think i'm running a small hotel. My bed sheets are ironed and freshly changed with each date. With light music playing, I slip into the shower, departing to slather myself with a non-scented moisturiser before I go on to do my makeup and hair. Unless requested otherwise, a light spray of Chanel once I'm dressed, and my attire is complete. I select music to fit the mood and pull out still and sparkling water and glassware. Ultimately, I do my very best to make sure that a vivid memory of our time together lingers with you long after we part ways.

I am very open-minded, and have some fantasies and ideas I would like to explore. Can I ask you about helping me fulfil those?

Never ask, and you will never know! I genuinely view our differences as what makes us interesting and exciting. I love what I do, and you will find I'm very open-minded. So, by all means, feel free to enquire. I might just surprise you and blow your mind.


Photo Diary





I prefer our first contact to be via email. I check my emails quite regularly so I will reply as promptly as I can! Please feel free to use my booking form or contact me directly on my new email Your name, a little bit about yourself, and your preferred meeting time, location, requested services, and duration is preferred.


I endeavor to reply to all initial enquiries within 6 hours, and subsequent enquiries within 12 hours, however across weekends or times when I'm traveling or on an extended date, my reply may take up to 48 hours. I will kindly request your mobile phone number to meet. Out of respect for your privacy, this will only be used on the day of our date. My preferred form of communication is email.

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